0.75ml four in one tube 0.75ml four in one tube 0.75ml four in one tube 0.75ml four in one tube
0.75ml four in one tube 0.75ml four in one tube 0.75ml four in one tube 0.75ml four in one tube

Imported high-end frozen storage tube

0.75ml four in one tube
In order to save space to a greater extent and reduce sample storage costs, Vange has introduced a series of sample library storage consumables independently designed and manufactured by the Dutch Micronic brand. The laser etched QR code at the bottom of the Micronic cryostat ensures the traceability and reliability of the sample.
Product details

ISO14644 certified Grade 7 clean room production packaging

The raw material uses medical grade high-purity polypropylene (CE-IVD) certified by FDA, with low adsorption and no dissolved matter entering the sample

Laboratory consumables are produced and packaged according to high injection molding standards, and there are no detectable DNA enzymes or RNA enzymes

Control the endotoxin level of consumables within 0.01EU/ml

SLAS specification frozen storage tube, suitable for automatic equipment, available in various models ranging from 0.3 to 6ml

5 types of tube cover designs (outer rotating cover, outer rotating IG cover, inner rotating high cover, inner rotating low cover, TPE cover)

13 tube cover colors for easy sample type identification

Adopting a dual color injection molding process, there is no risk of code detachment

Laser etching coding, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant

The pipe wall is thick, sturdy and durable, ensuring good low-temperature storage function, and can withstand high-speed impact of grinding beads

Tolerance temperature: -196 (gas-phase liquid nitrogen)~121 ℃

Product Features
Capping methodExternal rotation
describeFour codes in one tube (bottom QR code, tube body one-dimensional barcode, tube body numerical code, blank writing area). Comes with a gray spiral cover and frozen storage box
packing96 pieces/box, 10 boxes/bag
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