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Account Manager (Sales Representative Level) Across the country 2023-07-31 Apply now

(Sales position salary base salary+commission, no upper limit, more work, more pay)


1. Promote and sell products and services for biological sample banks to tertiary hospitals, universities, and government enterprise clients.
2. Develop sales plans in the responsible area, achieve sales goals, and achieve performance indicators;
3. Develop and maintain customer relationships and sales channels within the region, and master and track project information;
4. Carry out product promotion and market promotion activities within the region
5. Provide preliminary technical consultation to customers and provide corresponding solutions; Provide timely response and support to customer needs
6. Complete other related tasks assigned by the company or department.


1. Sales experience in medical related industries is preferred
2. Love sales work, have a sense of career, have a pioneering spirit, have a strong sense of self challenge and determination, and have strong pressure bearing ability
3. Proactive, diligent and down-to-earth, with clear thinking, agile response, good character, honesty and reliability
4. Strong learning and adaptability; Strong communication and teamwork skills
5. Short distance business trips are acceptable

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