Environmental monitoring system
Product details

The MTR2020 Environmental Monitoring and Management System is based on IoT application technology, which combines hardware and software through wireless transmission to monitor various blood bank refrigerators, low-temperature refrigerators, ultra-low-temperature refrigerators, incubators, liquid nitrogen tanks, cold storage rooms, and laboratory rooms in real-time 24 hours a day. It improves manual data recording work in hospital laboratories, central laboratories, pharmacy departments, transfusion departments, and pharmacies, Provide professional solutions to enhance user management mode.

Typical customers:Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Product Features

Unattended management——24-hour uninterrupted collection of information, automatic offline alarm, and automatic equipment fault alarm

Cross regional centralized display management——Self built wireless network that can transmit data across regions for real-time monitoring and alarm of devices

Long term data storage——It can flexibly summarize and draw data graphs from single or multiple monitoring modules, export multiple formats, such as PNG/EXCEL/IPDF, and have complete operation logs to achieve long-term data storage and traceability

Multiple alarm methods——Reduce sample damage caused by device abnormalities, support setting up multiple alarm methods (SMS, phone voice, E-Mail, sound and light, WeChat, etc.), diversify and humanize alarm rules, and meet the alarm needs of different users

Internet of Things Technology Wireless Transmission——Adopting Zigbee transmission, the product is sensitive, has fast transmission speed, and high information stability

Widely used——Suitable for -200 to+200%, with an accuracy of ± 0.1, it can be applied to temperature, humidity, gas concentration (oxygen, carbon dioxide) and other environments of equipment and environment

Hardware module
AT-Z1AWireless data collection and transmission moduleTemperature and humidity collection module, multi-channel
AT-Z2Wireless data collection and transmission moduleTemperature collection module, only applicable to Sanyo and Panasonic refrigerators
AT-Z4Wireless data receiving moduleData receiving module, connected via USB
AT-Z5Wireless data receiving moduleData receiving module, network connection
AT-Z0Signal relay moduleUsed to extend the data transmission range
AT-Z6Wireless data collection and transmission moduleTemperature and humidity collection module
AT-Z7Wireless data collection and transmission module4-20mA acquisition module for monitoring gas concentration, pressure, etc
JCJ26102Oxygen concentration detectorOxygen concentration collection module, domestic equipment
SPXCDALMO1Oxygen concentration detectorOxygen concentration collection module, imported equipment
AT-4GShort message alarm moduleSMS sending module
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