10 * 10 frozen storage box 10 * 10 frozen storage box
10 * 10 frozen storage box 10 * 10 frozen storage box

Paper frozen storage box

10 * 10 frozen storage box
The Wange CryoMax series of paper freezing boxes have grid numbering, waterproof design, flip patents, multi-color schemes, plastic separation, barcode management, etc., providing many conveniences for the management of biological sample libraries. A wide range of options can meet the ultra-low temperature storage needs of various conventional sample tubes in biological sample libraries.
Product details

The product adopts a double-sided membrane waterproof design, which is solid and durable, ensuring sample safety

Grid numbering design, which can quickly locate samples and save sample search time

Multi color scheme, paired with multi color freezer for easy sample library management

Support personalized customization services, such as size customization, color customization, internal and external content printing, etc

Product Features
describe10 * 10 Heaven and Earth Cover Paper Freezing Storage Box with Internal Insert Paper Grid. Suitable for 5ml vacuum blood collection
External dimensions180 * 180 * 110mm
packing50 pieces/box
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