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Wuhan Optics Valley Sample Library - currently the world's largest automated sample library with single storage capacity

Project Background:

Wuhan Sample Library is the first third-party sample library in China to be approved for the preservation of human genetic resources after the promulgation and implementation of the "Regulations on the Management of Human Genetic Resources of the People's Republic of China". It has the largest automated ultra-low temperature storage equipment in the world.

Project characteristics:

The world's largest storage capacity biological sample library, introducing -80 ° C and integrated fully automated storage equipment, with a designed storage capacity of over 12 million copies.
According to the principle of "government led, multi-party participation, regional integration, and open sharing", implement the "one database, multiple points" model.


The Wuhan Optics Valley sample library adopts the LiCONiC Biolix -80 ℃ automated sample storage system, which has the ability to preserve 15 million samples, store 30 PB of sample information, and comprehensively process data.

"Standardized biological samples are not only the source of basic clinical research such as genomics and functional genomics, but also the key to achieving accurate diagnosis and treatment and clinical transformation." Deng Zixin, academician of the CAS Member and president of the Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology, said that the Wuhan sample database will establish an innovative service mechanism, create a personalized, flexible, standardized and shared resource pool, and connect upstream and downstream basic, clinical and industrial development needs, Adhere to the strategic goal of "domestic first, international first-class" and become a benchmark and demonstration for third-party human genetic resource libraries.

Wuhan Human Genetic Resources Center, Optics Valley Biological Bank, with Wuhan Biomedical Research Institute as the main body, aims to establish a future oriented automated biological sample library that stores more than 10 million samples, serving the biopharmaceutical industry in Optics Valley, Wuhan, and even central China. The service targets include hospitals, disease control centers, third-party service institutions, CRO companies, pharmaceutical research and development enterprises, cell therapy companies, etc. It has the characteristic of diverse service objects and high requirements for future scalability.


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