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Long March Hospital Sample Library - China's first continuously stable automated sample library with a scale of one million

Project Background:

The Biological Sample Library of Changzheng Hospital is the first in China to adopt a fully automated deep low-temperature million level biological sample library, and is currently the only fully operational million level automated sample library in China.

Project characteristics:

A million level large-scale warehouse type automated storage system, with a sample library covering only over 60 square meters, of which approximately 30 square meters of -80 ℃ automated storage area can store 1 million samples.

Through automated storage management system management, only 2 staff members are required to complete the daily work of the sample library, manage millions of samples, ensure sample quality, and improve management efficiency.


The fully automated biological sample library of Changzheng Hospital uses LiCONiC's BiOLiX STC automated storage system, WT liquid nitrogen tank, Shanghai Wange's sample information management software, temperature and humidity monitoring management, and frozen storage related consumables. During the construction and implementation of the sample library, intelligent control, automatic sample access, warehousing storage, and triple security technology are adopted, which has the advantages of intelligence, automation, intensification, and energy conservation, Maximizing the security of sample storage, making access more convenient and efficient, reducing the probability of human error and cross contamination, and saving a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources.

Human biological samples are extremely valuable medical research resources. Reasonable collection, safe preservation, effective utilization, and full utilization of their research value are important tasks in the era of medical big data. "Dean Zheng Xingdong of Changzheng Hospital stated that the sample library mainly collects and preserves various types of human biological samples, such as blood, urine, saliva, tissue, cells, etc., to meet clinical diagnosis and treatment needs, and is to carry out precision medicine The core link of translational medicine research.

At present, the biological sample library of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital has established standardized operating procedures, standard procedural documents, and a comprehensive quality control system, ensuring the quality of biological samples in all aspects throughout the entire process. In the future, the fully automated biological sample library will explore and research in the fields of difficult disease diagnosis and treatment, war trauma treatment, eugenics, and anti-aging, open to society, and better serve the health of the people.


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[2] Official website of Shanghai Long March Hospital

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